La Petite Pediatric Clinic welcomes
new patients!

Expecting a New Baby?

Learn what steps to take before your newborn’s arrival.

Transferring Care to La Petite Pediatric?

Call our office to have your previous medical records transferred prior to your first visit.  Please note that vaccine records are required prior to scheduling your child’s first visit.

There is no need to schedule a visit to establish care, although we are always happy to give new families a tour of our office.

Check up time?

We encourage regularly scheduled wellness visits as per the Academy of Pediatrics best practice guidelines.  Because insurance plans differ as to whether they will cover a wellness visit for kids older than three years every calendar year or every 365 days, please confirm with your health insurance plan as to when your child is due for a check-up and when your insurance will cover it. 

Our wellness exam schedule: newborn, 1m, 2m, 4m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m, 18m, 2yrs, 2.5yrs, 3yrs, and annually until the age of 18.

Chronic conditions?

We recommend scheduling a separate appointment from any wellness exam or other sick visit if your child needs management of a long-term medical condition.  Examples of such conditions include asthma, allergies, eczema, ADHD, acne, depression, irregular menstrual cycles, constipation, and other conditions requiring medications on a regular basis.

Next Steps

  • Please review our vaccine policy and financial policy.
  • Here you will find our new patient forms. Feel free to print and complete them at home to save time at your first visit.
  • Complete a  medical record release  form and submit it to your previous pediatrician’s office. This is especially important for children with any significant past medical problems, including but not limited to ADHD, asthma, behavioral or psychiatric concerns, growth delays, any specialist visits, abnormal labs, etc.
  • Call your insurance company to verify that Dr. LeJeune and Dr. Sicard are listed, and to change your child’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) to them if necessary. See our list of  contracted insurance plans; if your plan is not on our list, we are always happy to see you on an out-of-network or cash-pay basis.
  • If moving from out of state, please fax our office your child’s immunization records as soon as you are able. Please note, we will require this prior to scheduling a well-child check up.
  • Contact the office to schedule your first visit with us!

Office Hours

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Fri: 8:00am – 12:00pm

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After Hours Care

When the office is closed, you have several options. Always call 911 for a true medical emergency.